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With 'Outdoor Living' gaining more and more importance CasaUmana developed a new concept of outdoor living with weather resistant kitchens, bars and furniture for in- and outdoor use. 

CasaUmana has a highly experienced team of designers and cabinet makers to meet your requirements and bring to reality your ultimate outdoor living experience. 

The CasaUmana's own brand of in-and outdoor kitchens are all in-house manufactured and are 100% hand- and Belgian made. The material used for the kitchens is mainly Corian Dupont. ; an UV-resistant solid surface material that comes with a 10- year guarantee. 

The U1 CasaUmana kitchen with sliding top is the absolute eye-catcher in your outdoor living project.

You can slide open the bar due to a specific guide system of stainless steel ball bearings. In this way you can transform the kitchen into a Unique Bar.

You will be able to cook your favorite dishes while your guests drink their cocktails at the sliding top. 

What's in the name : in-outdoor Kitchen. The kitchen can easily be moved by four large, sturdy and swiveling wheels in galvanized steel from your inside living area to your outdoor area.  

For water supply you can easily connect the sink to a garden hose. You can choose between a Teppanyaki or Cooking Plate with removable grill for your cooking experience. For cooling you can put your bottles in the integrated fridge

U8 is the little brother of the U1. 
The U8 is made of the same materials as the U1 Kitchen and can easily be transformed in a Teppanyaki Bar, Champaign Bar, Discobar or Promotional bar. 
With its integrated multi-color led feature you can create your own mood lighting at night. 


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